Award Winning Tattoo Artists – How to Find Them

Tattoos have been in existence for years unknown and though the methods of drawing them have changed immensely over the years, the concept of the drawing of tattoos hasn’t changed. A tattoo can be said to be the addition of pigment/ color to already punctured holes in the skin. People draw tattoos for different reasons.

An artist is a person who is involved in any form of creative art. From the given definition, a tattoo artist is any person who is involved in the creative art of drawing tattoos either as an occupation or for the pleasure of it. A person who is into tattoo drawing as a craft is known as a tattooist.

Over the years, due to the uniqueness and specialty of their works, various tattooists have won to their credit awards both on the local and foreign scene. Some of those artists include:

Aaron Cain – Aaron Cain is a tattooist whose art work is popularly known for its thick lines and hard edges. Cain also indulges in the production of sets of custom tattooing equipments. He has been actively involved in tattooing since 1989 and till date he has proven himself to be an exceptionally brilliant tattooist. Aaron Cain can be found at California

Ryan Dearinger’s interest in blending the wanders of art into tattoo is one of his distinctive features. His inspiration majorly comes from styles of art and his work is highly influenced by it. He is into all spare of tattooing ranging from old school tattoos, new school tattoos and portraits to fine art tattoos and the likes. He believes that for anyone to be called a tattoo artist, the person has to be an artist first. He has a similar approach to every of his designs and creations.


Mike DeVries- is another top tattoo artist who is well recognized for his method of color input into tattoos. His favorite line of work includes portraits, animals and pin-ups. He also be lives in really drawings. He can be said to be inspired by his desire to create real life images through his tattoo art.

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