Bible Sermons Outlines

A Christian, once in a while may be called upon to deliver a sermon before the congregation. It is of great importance for one to prepare. Bible sermon outline is the road map for the sermon. In order to stick to the main preaching of your sermon, the outline is needed. To avoid a foggy pew, then the pulpit must be free of mist. The preaching point can only be expanded by use of the sermon outline. Below steps may be helpful in getting started.

Asking of God’s guidance is essential.

Before you prepare your sermon, pray. It is through prayer that we talk to God. Ask God for the Holy Spirit which is to guide you. The Holy Spirit will give you insights that you never thought of. It will enable you understand the needs of your congregation.

Have a study bible and use different translations.

When you want to prepare a sermon on love, you may look at the passage from different translations. The look up helps understand how the same passage comes across in different translations. The study bible with a great commentary can be of great help. It may be helpful in getting more insight for your sermon. Having a bible that has foot notations of the original Aramaic, Greek or Hebrew word can make the passage more clear to you and the congregation. However, stick to one oq significa yeshua bible during the sermon.

The Topic of the Sermon

The sermon outline should have the main preaching topic, sub topics and even incidental topics. For the main topic to link with the sub topics, you need the hinge word. The hinge word would create a flow and enable one to remain the topic. Hinge word could be a plural noun that answers why, when or how of the main topic. For example when the topic is sharing God’s love, we can say: There are four ways in sharing God’s love which involve:

I. Showing tough love (Matthew 23:23)

II. Showing tender love (Ephesians 4:32)

III. Showing sacrificial love (John 3:16)

IV. Showing radical love (Matthew 5:39-41)

Do a Rehearsal.

Do a rehearsal of the sermon. Get someone to share with about the sermon and allow them to give you their feedback. This is necessary since it will enable you know if your sermon is on point. There times when one would even rehearse and preach to self in front of a mirror.

The Conclusion.

Let your listeners know what you are covering. Tell them the topic and quote the correct references. They should be able to know when you are turning the pages. Reading along with you is of benefit to the congregation as this will enable the word of God to sink in.

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