Extra Wide Shoes For Men – Where to Get Them

It is quite a standard issue with people needing extra wide shoes. Wider shoes for men are quite in demand and given those men’s wider shoes are not to be found easily there is all the more reason for the demand. Men with bigger feet or wide toe spread often need extra wide men’s shoes to ensure that they don’t suffer from problems of the feet, especially bunions caused by deformities in the bone. It is important to find shoes of the right size that don’t cramp the feet and allow sufficient space for them to expand and contract along with the walking motion. The extra wide men’s shoes can be found in some specialty stores but here are some of the top brands that are known for offering wide fitting shoes for men. Cheap wide width shoes are available at many of these brands at affordable prices. Not only is it important to find the right extra wide shoes for men, but it is also important to find good quality to provide comfort to the feet.

Hitchcock Shoes

Whether you want wide fitting shoes for office wear, casual wear, athletic extra wide men’s shoes or wide dress shoes, you can find them all at Hitchcock. The catalogue can be ordered online and there are shoe sizes which are offered with widths up to 6E. Shoes from 5 to 15 are available with some amazing styles. Staying stylish is quite important because in the absence of trendy shoes being available, people resort to wearing smaller sizes hurting their feet even more.


Extra wide fitting shoes are available from some reputed brands like Balance, Sperry, Rockport and Florsheim at ShoeBuy which also offers some of the best prices on the internet world. The good part about these extra wide fitting shoes for men is that there is a buy online sports shoes for mens large selection available so that there doesn’t need to be any compromise. There is just as much variety online amongst wide shoes as there is for good quality and trendy shoes.

Online Shoes

This is another place where one can find quite a massive inventory. The big thing about this style is the ease with which you can find extra wide shoes that are perfect for you. You can check at one glance the various widths and sizes that are present. If you are someone who is brand conscious it is a great way of finding those extra wide fitting shoes for men from high quality brands that will offer great value for your money.


There is one reason why Zappos is way ahead of all other places to buy those wider fitting shoes. Whether it is EE, 2E or all the way up to 9E shoes, you can find them here. Whether you want athletic shoes, casual shoes or dress shoes, the chances of getting the wide width shoes that you are looking for are much higher in this case than it is anywhere else online or in the stores.

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