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Cheap Car Insurance in Sacramento

Drivers who live in Sacramento, California who don’t make a lot of money are eligible for an innovative and impressive new auto insurance program. The Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program is ideal for low income drivers who need affordable car insurance, but what about everyone else? If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Sacramento, California keep these money-saving pointers in mind:

o Choose the minimum required liability coverage including $5,000 property liability coverage. Although many people aren’t comfortable with such low coverage, if you are, this is a great way to save.

o Don’t claim for unnecessary repairs. If you back into a pole or your chip your windshield and the damage is minimal, don’t file it as a claim against your insurance policy. This will just increase your rates.

o Buy a car that costs less to insure. Most people never consider the cost of insurance when they are shopping for a new car. Many late model cars cost much more to insure Sacramento auto insurance than others. It’s a good idea to call your car insurance company before making a new car purchase to check on the expected cost of premiums.

o If you have a garage, use it. Some car insurance companies offer a discount for their clients who park their car in a secure spot. If you do this, mention it when asking for a quote, it may result in a percentage discount off the cost of premiums.

Checking your policy over when you first receive it helps to ensure that you aren’t paying for anything you shouldn’t be. In addition to checking what your policy covers, be aware that a mistake in your age or the length of time you’ve spent behind the wheel can also result in increased premiums. If you do spot an error in the policy, notify your agent immediately.

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