Citizen Journalists Meet To Come Togather To Give Shape Our Future

Today as India spreads its wings to set foot on the new global economic center stage and prepares to join the club of developed nations, the historical references have changed. It has transformed from the land of snake charmers to a country with high intellect, professional prowess and is an emerging superpower.

At this critical juncture in our history, it is apt that we undertake a reality check of the ground situation in our country. Here are some of the issues, which demand our attention

Ø India is considered an emerging superpower, but corruption levels in India are one of the highest in the world

Ø While the IIT’s and IIM’s have captured the world’s imagination, a large proportion of Indians do not even know how to read and write

Ø Many parts of the country still lack basic amenities like safe drinking water, electricity, sanitation facilities etc.

Ø Law and order is a problem across vast swathes of the country

Ø Side by side with glitzy malls exist slums where lakhs of Indians lead a hand-to-mouth existence.

Ø While our GDP is rising, farmers are still homai vyarawalla committing suicide

Ø Infrastructure in the major cities is yet to catch up with the huge rise in populations.

Ø While women are scaling new heights, cases of dowry, acid attacks, female infanticide, rape are an everyday occurrence.

and many more…

It’s time we considered where we are and where we should be, both as a society and as a nation. In doing so, the foremost need is to identify the fundamental issues and problems that we face without any visible solution or an action- plan to address them.

Instead of blaming the system, the population, the politicians, the Constitution and other factors that restrict our progress shouldn’t we, the citizens, dream big for our country and work towards making this dream come true and this is possible only through Citizen Participation? It’s time that citizens of India came forward to identify the challenges ahead, line up solutions to tackle them and then charge forward towards making that very critical difference by creating the blueprint for the next 60 years of India’s growth.

Towards this goal, Team merinews, India’s first Citizen journalism website has taken up the challenge to create the “Citizens’ Manifesto – a people defined roadmap of India till 2067.”

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