Computer Components

Basic computer components of a computer are CPU, monitor, mouse, PSU and keyboard. Other than these there are some more parts without which a computer is unimaginable. They are mother board, RAM, hard drive, Ethernet card, audio/video card, DVD drive, floppy drive and modem for the internet.

Mother board is a very important and vital component in the whole computer system. Mother board has the connection to all the internal components. It is actually considered to be the heart of the computer system. It is linked with both hardware and software computer components of the system.

Within monitors there are varieties available these days. The choices include flat monitor, LCD monitor and normal CRT monitors. Though LCD monitors costly they are friendly with eyes as they don’t emit lights when compared to conventional monitor. Also they come with energy saving indicator indicating the energy efficiency of them.

The CPU is nerve for all processing and computing system. CPU’s these days are sleek trendy and light weighted when compared to last decade. Some CPU designs are patented by companies these days.

Keyboards are of many varieties customized to country to country and region to region with a keyboard layout customized to the region. Some keyboards are customized to business needs like stock trading with keys configured to business needs.

Mouse is a most eminent computer component and cannot visualize a computer without mouse. These days’ wireless mouse and key boards are available in markets which are fast moving items. visit:

Modems are basic need for internet. Ethernet card is directly connected to the mother board to connect to the web. Hard disk is considered to be the support system for computers since they saves and stores entire data memory. Also it installs programs like word processor, operating system, documents, pictures, worksheets, etc. Audio/video devices are for sound and vision needs.

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