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Feature Interview With CEO

Today I am joined by Richard Robbins, the Founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International . Rich has been gracious enough to take the time to give invaluable advice and knowledge to my readers, and I know that this will be a message which will inspire growth.

Q: How did you get started in the field of achievement coaching?

A: I started a Real Estate Company in 1988 and struggled for the first few years. I quickly discovered the key to success in the real estate brokerage business was to find salespeople with common values and be invested in helping them succeed. In other words the more I trained and coached them the more they became successful. The more successful they became, the more successful I became. Once I embraced this philosophy our company grew quickly until we had the highest production per agent of any company in our trading area.

Many of the sales people that worked for me told me I had a knack for coaching and should be sharing my ideas with many more than the sales people in our office. I started thinking that if I could have such a positive impact on the 23 sales people in my office, maybe I could teach the same thing to 1000’s. It wasn’t long after that I sold my company and opened Richard Robbins International and focused all my attention on achievement coaching.

Q: Why would an entrepreneur need a coach?

A: I think anybody can benefit from coaching in a big way. Think about this… what we presently know has gotten us where we are. The big question we need to ask ourselves is what do we need to learn to get where we want to go?? This is what coaching is about assisting entrepreneurs in moving to the next level through learning ways to produce greater results and then being held accountable to the actions necessary to produce the desired results.

Q: How much revenue & profit should my business be generating before I get involved with coaching?

A: I truly believe that the day someone decides to open a business they should hire a coach. A good coach will reduce their learning curve dramatically.

Q: What is the most important thing a Thomas Alvec young entrepreneur can do to become successful?

A: Don’t get into business to make money – get into business to serve and make a difference. Money is the bi-product of serving – making a difference for your customers in a way they have never experienced before. Money is really just an exchange of value we get for the value we bring to the marketplace. I have a fundamental belief, that if we go out everyday and do more than we get paid, the day will come when we get paid more than we do. There is no question that giving starts the receiving process.

Q: If there was only one message you could leave with our readers, what would it be?

A: Believe in themselves!! I have always said that it is not who people think they are that holds them back, it is who they think they are not. You must believe that anything is possible for you. We live in a wonderful world which is full of opportunity with so much available to us all – if we would just believe!!!

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