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Make an Impression With Military Coats and Jackets

The supplies required to equip and cloth a mobile defence force is incredible and many countries will keep huge stocks of these items just in case a situation requires it. And there is the usual turnover of items as the services induct new recruits and send them on training exercises. So it’s no surprise that many of these garments find their way onto civvy street at some point in their lifetime. Because they are designed for a purely practical purpose they are typically of high quality and very durable, army flight jacket so they last and last. It is still possible to find a heavy-duty trench coat that served it’s time during the Great War and is still functional today. Many of the military jackets used in WWII can still be obtained and worn day-to-day such was their strength and build-quality.

These coats and jackets have durability rarely seen in items destined for the high street. A naval jacket can withstand every thrown at it by the high seas, from gallons of salt water to gale-force winds. An authentic army trench coat can keep the wearer warm in the coldest winter weather, survive through muddy conditions yet still come back in pristine condition after a simple wash. Many of the items being produced for today’s armies are being designed for warmer climates where heat, sand and minimal opportunity to wash clothing is the norm. Camouflage colours are now lighter coloured and more suitable for leisure outfits than the dark greens and browns of older garments, so the future of retro military fashion seems secure for many years to come.

Of course there are many types of military coat, some designed with practical usage in mind, but there is also the ceremonial aspect of the armed forces to look at. Many countries place great sway on the custom and tradition and parades, ceremonies and mass displays play a great role. It is on these occasions that military clothing takes on a whole new angle. Braided tunics complete with epaulettes and shiny buttons look fantastic on the parade ground, but also as a foundation for an outfit with a twist. Stars of popular culture such as Michael Jackson, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Cheryl Cole and Jimi Hendrix all turned to military tunics at some point to embellish their stage wear. The interesting point here is that these items are available to everyone in your local vintage clothing store of army surplus store. Of course not every outlet will stock the very best of these items, particularly as they are highly sought after and command equally high process for the very best garments. If you want the best in military jackets or ceremonial wear you may need to visit the premium vintage clothing stores or a specialist ceremonial wear outlet.

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