What shoes should a teacher wear?



Teachers are supposed to wear the most comfortable shoes that are available in the market. These shoes are usually having extra cushioning to the heel and foot curve areas that are aggravated by their body weight.

The insole plays a crucial role in the comfort and sometimes needs to be redesigned. This should address the shaping issue of the footbed and that is why the insoles usually have a foamy internal side that can follow the regular curves of the feet.

Not to mention, that shoes capable to give more comfort to the teachers are having the best outsoles. They should be extremely anti-skid and offer the best available balance. Finally, these shoes should always be comfortable for long hour use which is usually the time spent at school for modern teachers.




Another key aspect for the shoes would be their support to the underlying feet tissues. This is of monumental importance since weight from these tissues is going to demand more extensive support from your potential shoes.

As a result, the shoes should have more stable side parts to support the pressure coming from above. Not to mention, that the shoes are going to be judged from the forefoot area where the level of support becomes critical when we refer to the toe fingers. They should be able to move freely and give support to your skeleton base which is crucial for your overall balance and provide you the best heel grips.




There is also the need for your shoes to give you enhanced traction when you are using them as a teacher. This is based on the perception that classroom floors are a potential threat for your balance and well-being since they can be slippery due to student’s games and other social activities.

You need a pair of shoes that can increase the friction applied between the outsoles and the terrain. This situation will give you more confidence to walk or stand on slippery floors without having the fear that you will actually fall down. In other words, traction is going to give you also an acceleration boost that is needed in case you want to act fast while an emergency at school. The teaching profession is always in need of good traction offered by high-quality shoes.




Being breathable is the next important value that your shoes need to have when you are a teacher. Most of the times, you are forced to stay at school for prolonged hours. This creates a tough situation in your feet that are suppressed staying inside the shoes for longer time. They can develop less sweat and even have a thermal impact that can interfere with their well-being.

That is why, it is of primary importance to have breathable shoes. This means that the shoes need to have adequate holes on their external leather layer to leave the air flow passing through their mass. This air flow is going to be able to lower the temperature in the inner shoes area giving you a more pleasant application than ever before. Your feet will just love the extra breathability.




Style is another aspect that is usually neglected when we are dealing with shoes dedicated for teachers. Since school is not the place where fashion is about to be expressed, people don’t give such importance to the style of teacher’s shoes.

However, it has been shown that the appreciation and respect of students to the teacher is directly related to the stylish pair of shoes she is deciding to wear in class. A poorly dressed teacher cannot attract the attention of the students and is sometimes disregarded as an authority figure.

On the other hand, by wearing stylish and fashionable shoes, teacher is getting a lot of credits by their student. She can become the center of the attention in class, showing them that her profession really matters to her. The messages the teacher is passing to her colleagues through the stylish shoes she decided to wear in class are also important.

All the teaching community is thought to be judged by the way teachers are choosing their shoes to wear in class. Make sure you get the best so that you can increase the level of respect and approval.


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