Keunggulan Bonus Member Baru Poker

Bonus member baru poker adalah bonus khusus yang hanya diberikan oleh pihak game poker online kepada para player poker yang baru bergabung menjadi salah satu anggota member dalam di situs poker online terbaik. Permainan game judi poker kini sangat berkembang dan populer di kalangan player dan pemain judi. Dulu game judi poker hanya dapat dimainkan di lokasi-lokasi perjudian saja dan tentunya di lokasi-lokasi perjudian tersebut kalian tidak bisa menikmati permainan judi poker dengan tenang dan nyaman karena tentu di lokasi perjudian tersebut sangat rawan terkena razia yang membuat kita sebagai player poker akan semakin was-was. Namun kalian tidak perlu khawatir dengan hal tersebut, di era majunya globalisasi ini kalian bisa bermain game poket berbasis online di smartphone android. Dengan melalui situs poker online bahkan dengan apk gamepokerqq kalian sudah bisa menikmati permainan poker dengan aman dan nyaman. Dengan kemudahan akses yang disediakan oleh pihak game poker, pasti kalian bisa menikmati permainan poker dengan sangat seru dan memuaskan.

Permainan game poker online di smartphone android menyediakan banyak keuntungan dan keunggulan. Keuntungan yang besar bisa kalian dapatkan dengan peluang yang besar, dan keunggulan yang disediakan oleh pihak game poker juga bisa kalian nikmati dengan puas. Keunggulan dan kelebihan berupa banyak bonus besar, fitur keren dan menarik, pelayanan yang sangat memuaskan serta keamanan yang terpercaya bisa kalian dapatkan dalam permainan game poker bernasis online android. Oleh karena itu, sangat disayangkan jika kalian tidak bergabung menjadi salah satu anggota player game poker berbasis online. Apalagi pihak game poker menyediakan cara yang sangat mudah untuk daftar akun poker dengan gratis, bahkan kalian masih bisa mendapat bonus member baru poker. Untuk kalian yang ingin tau seperti apa keunggulan dari bonus new member poker agar yakin untuk bergabung dalam permainan poker. Langsung saja kalian simak ulasan lengkapnya di bawah ini. Lets Get It!


Tambahan Bonus Saldo Deposit Poker Double

Kalian akan mendapat tambahan bonus saldo deposit poker secara double atau dua kali lipat. Hanya dengan bergabung dan daftar akun poker untuk bermain game poker online saja, kalian bisa meraih bonus menarik yang satu ini. Saldo deposit poker sendiri adalah saldo chips poker, dimana chips poker sangat berguna untuk bertaruh dalam permainan poker online. Jadi setelah kalian daftar akun poker, kalian bisa langsung klaim bonus yang satu ini dan bonus tersebut bisa kalian gunakan untuk modal awal bermain poker.

Bonus referral Besar

Keunggulan dari bonus member baru poker berikutnya adalah kalian bisa mendapatkan bonus new member berupa bonus referral poker yang cukup besar. Untuk mendapatkan bonus yang satu ini, kalian hanya diminta untuk mempromosikan situs poker yang kalian akses untuk bermain game poker dengan cara membagikan kode referral kalian berupa kode invite. Jadi kalian bisa mempromosikan situs poker kalian beserta mengundang teman kalian untuk ikut bermain game poker. Semakin banyak teman kalian bergabung bermain game poker, semakin besar bonus yang bisa kalian klaim.

Bonus Login

Kalian juga bisa mendapat bonus login, dimana bonus tersebut bisa kalian klaim setiap hari jika kalian melakukan login setiap hari pula. Cukup login akun poker kalian yang terdaftar di permainan game poker, maka kalian bisa mendapat bonus menarik setiap harinya.


Oke guys, itulah beberapa keunggulan yang bisa kita bagikan dari bonus member baru poker terbaik. Sekian ulasan kali ini bisa kita jelaskan secara singkat, dan biarlah ulasan ini bisa memberikan manfaat serta berguna untuk kalian para player poker.

Easy beef recipes with few ingredients

Tuppeny recipes, oriental recipes, relaxed poulet and rice for your summer? Today Vanessa give assets her inward instruction on how to learn a tasteful and nutritive soup. Get primed for the dissent!


In South Assemblage countries similar Island and Malaya, there are many fill who similar to nutrient soup. This is due to the fact that extant in the equatorial climate, the brave is hot and humid. The locals lean to sweat more and thus they requisite to refill their embody watery with soupy nutrient (for admonition porridge and soup). easy beef recipes with few ingredients


Here’s the recipe on how to modify the appetizer .


Achromatic Appetiser (1 organism allotment)



1/3 of Island purloin

2 tablespoons of Rice

50g Fearful bosom meat


Ingredients for the soup

500 ml veggie soup merchandise

A percentage of spice stem (minced)

A teaspoon of oil

A nip of saline

Lightsome soy sauce for the appreciation



  1. Washables and unsullied the sneak leaves.
  2. Cut them into petite pieces.


  1. Washables the rice. Run them and put aside


d.White the meat and pad dry the meat.

  1. Cube the meat into immature cubes.



  1. Cook the playwright and the vegetal soup support in a pot with beardown alter for 20 proceedings.
  2. Time cookery the soup, we give happen to cook the wuss.
  3. Heat up the wok for 30 seconds, add oil and stir fry the flavorer.
  4. Add in diced volaille and stir-fry until fried.
  5. Add in the lightsome soy sauce and let the meat simmers for 10 proceedings.


  1. When the soup is almost ripe, put in the snarf. Ready for 1 min.


  1. Withdraw from blast and sprinkle over a few drops of benni oil.
  2. Add soy sauce and flavorer to secernment.


  1. Decorate the soup with the diced wuss. You can also add in both tender onion rings or unsounded cooked rice noodles.



  1. You may replace cowardly with meat, pork, mushrooms or eggs.
  2. You may exchange the deep cooked onion rings with deep fried playwright noodles.


Most of the Sinitic opt promiscuous soup in the hot days. Therefore they add no eggs or doughy meat.


Fried onions are confectionery and scrumptious. You can study more and prepare them in a tidy glassful bottleful for prospective use. Many of you may same to eat them equivalent a eat. Here are the steps to play them.


Remotion and pad dry the red onions. Portion them into sleazy rings. Emotionality up the wok and add in the vegetable oil. The onions should be tiled in the oil. Prepare them with line blast until they are gilded phytologist. Vanish them from the oil and drain dry.


On the opposite manus, if you prefer to use the cooked lyricist noodle, it is not problematic to read too.

Prototypic, rinse and dry the noodles. Square them in a wok of low hot oil and fry them dirt they metamorphose crispy. This is a inferior eat for soup and porridge.


Chinese preparation is really adaptable. You can add or become the become of ingredients according to your likings.


An stinting asiatic repast is primed!


I copulate cookery. I compassion to create yummy nutrient with painless recipes. Cookery is a joy for me. I would equivalent to distribute my joy with you.

Advantages of Netflix For Cheap Movies

There are all sorts of ways to get cheap movies and one of the reasons that Netflix is very popular in today’s movie and entertainment society is because Netflix allows you to grab the movies you want at very reasonable prices. Think about it: would you rather travel to your local video store and pay two to three dollars for every new release movie you want to watch or would you rather have your movie rental shipped directly to your mailbox for a fraction of the cost? Most people would choose the latter and this is exactly why Netflix has excelled in what they do.123 movies free

Getting Cheap Movies through Netflix

Besides being able to watch movies in the comfort of your own home after the movie DVDs have been shipped right to your door, a couple of the other good things about getting cheap movies through Netflix is the fact that there are no late fees! Any Netflix member is able to keep his or her movies for as long as they want without incurring late fees. How this works is that the member pays a small membership fee at the beginning of the month and that fee is charged no matter how long a DVD or movie is kept!

Streaming Movies Right to your Television!

One of the other advantages of being a Netflix member and getting cheap movies is the fact that members are now able to get free movies streamed right to their television as part of their membership cost! The way this works is that the Netflix member either has to purchase a small box that sits right next to their television or has to have a certain brand of HDTV! In both cases movies can be sent right to their screen anytime they want to watch them!

Other Options for Cheap Movies

Of course, Netflix is great but there are other alternatives to the services they offer! If you’d like to get cheap DVD movies elsewhere then one of the many places to do that is through internet freebie sites. Also called incentive sites, these types of websites allow users to choose a free gift such as a new release movie or DVD of their choice and actually claim that DVD or movie as soon as a few requirements on the part of the user is fulfilled. Usually these requirements don’t cost anymore than two to three dollars, which makes it a great way to get brand new unused movies for free! All in all, though, getting cheap movies is definitely the way to go whether you choose to start a Netflix membership or get cheap DVD movies through one of the many internet freebie sites!

An example of one of the many great freebie sites (a.k.a. incentive sites) where users are able to choose completely free movie gifts  This is a site where anyone can simply sign up, choose whatever movie gift they’d like to get, and then complete the simple offers to get the movie of their choice shipped right to th

Movie Social Networking Sites

With the emergence of social networking sites, there has also been a small influx of a niche in this market – movies. Each one has its pros and cons as they relate to the future and where to go in the future. Below is a detailed look at each one.movies123 free

IMDB.com: The perfect movie information site. It has virtually every director, actor, writer, movie, tv movie, year released known to man. The site is quoted more times than any other movie site. Often, the information found here is considered law. Its social network side of things is a little blah and lacks a lot to be desired. It has a few login features and some list generation, but other than that it is nothing to get excited about – especially something you and your friends would want to get involved with. The overall outlook of the site is incredibly promising. It has everything that is needed for a movie site, and could easily incorporate a few more interactions with the social side of things.

RottenTomatoes.com: A monster movie review site. It has all the critical reviews compiled for each movie. It does a great job of getting people into or out of the theater with an idea of how good the movie will be. It also provides some info for release dates, actors etc. But, for social networking it lacks a little something. It does have some movie list functions and some message boards to keep people interested in coming back signed in. But, there is no substance or nothing really pushing you to interact.

Flixster.com: A newer true social networking site dedicated to movies. Users can do all sorts of stuff as well as recommend movies, rate movies, review them, and talk with friends. The movie information is there as well. But, it doesn’t push you to come back to the site. It has some nice features, but most users frequent the site for a short time never to return. It does have a Facebook application, but how much it draws users to the site is unknown. Some call this the myspace of movie social networking – this was the first.

YMDB.com (shompy): Old, outdated, and not frequented much. It has one feature – movie lists. Users can fairly easily create a top movie list, explain why they think it is good, then chat with a few friends who may stumble across their list. It has no movie reviews, no true social interaction, and nothing intuitive. It is a one and done site that never really generated revenue. No one knows how it is able to keep a float. It is possible to get some knowledge about non English films.

Spout.com: This little site has a decent amount of movie information and some cool tools. It finally has some type of movie review feature although all it really is is a blog attached to it. The design is nice and the people seem nice as well. It lacks social interaction and a bug free site. I enjoyed looking for movie via an instant movie search, but it was buggy. It had some good movie list functions and a way to look at hot or not films. In the end though it was a confusing site that most will not go back to many times.

Top Three Dating Movies to Watch on a Movie Date

I can think of a 100 movies based on the theme of romance and dating. But I had my picks when it came to zeroing on the best ones of the lot. But I decided to go one step further, did a survey of sorts through free online dating websites and dating communities on social networking sites and picked three popular movies for my “Top Three Dating Movies” list. Each of them is dating themed movies, but with a certain twist that sets them apart from the romance regulars. 123 movies free

When Harry meets Sally: no surprises here. This one bagged the maximum votes and I am glad because I wanted this movie to go to my list. Personally, this is not one of the best romantic movies I have seen. But this one bagged many votes probably because many people could relate to this in some way, and why not, given the number of sub plots the movie has. Nevertheless, the focus of the ever complicated relationship between the. Like most romantic movies, the romance between Harry and Sally does not evolve from love at first sight to a more serious relationship. It happens with a thud when Harry barges into the new year party and expresses his love for Sally.

The story itself is unusual. It is a reversal of romance since it starts with hate and develops into love. “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way,”  the dialogue is central to the movie and is explored and answer derived through the plot of the movie. This might be another theme which appeals to the audience.

The movie is humorous weaved with a series of unexpected incidents, leaving the audience glued to their seats to see what happens next. The curiosity ad suspense is maintained   throughout the movie.

50 first dates: a cult dating movie of recent times, again popular for its unusual plot dimension. 50 first dates is one of the most adorable romances I have come across. The Henry that we see in the beginning of the movie and the Henry he turns out to be by the end of the movie undergoes unrecognizable transformation through the length of the movie, unmistakably brought about by his emotional involvement with Lucy, a patient suffering from short term memory loss who incessantly loses her ability to remember events of her life from the previous day of her life.

When Henry meets Lucy, the connection between the two is obvious. But it also seems obvious that the flirtatious and carefree Henry will commit to a bond of love that too with a girl who can remember Harry nor the moments spent with him the very next day. The commitment shown by Harry towards Lucy comes as a surprise but is absolutely adorable. Though quite outlandish, Lucy’s dreams about Henry and the moments spent with him, that take form in her paintings add to the romance in the movie and justify the true love between Henry and Lucy. This may look silly for some, but it does uphold the theme of love and romance.

In an age where free online dating is the order of the day, movies like 50 first dates seem unreal and vague. But it is a reminder of platonic love and romance of the good old days, a theme that has not been explored for a long time.

College Dorms Need a Movie Organizer Program

If you’re moving yourself or a teen into a college dorm, this is probably going to be a shared situation. More college students than ever need to cut costs and one way of doing so is to share their rooms with as many people as possible. But when you share your space with someone else, then your stuff is going to be everywhere and it can be easily lost. With movie organizer software, you can begin to take control of the chaos of college before it even begins. After all, you don’t need any more stress than midterms or finals.free movie dwnloads sites

A Way to Break the Ice

Before you even move into your dorm room, it’s a good idea to have movie organizer software ready to go. This way, you can easily send your lists to others in your dorm so that you don’t all bring the same movies or other media files. You can even share lists of movies with each other and then enter these into the movie organizer software for everyone to see. Or you can bring the program to the dorm with you the first day and as things are unloaded, the movie titles can be entered into the program. Sharing movie preferences is a great ice breaker, one which will help everyone see whether they will get along – or not. Of course, this might be a good opportunity for everyone to learn about different movies and perhaps expand their viewing experiences by keeping an open mind.

Keeping Everyone’s Stuff Straight

As you are entering in the movies to the movie organizer software, you can also make a note as to whose movie is whose. This way, when you can’t find a certain movie or someone needs to find something for a friend, the person who owns the movie can answer the question. You might also like to have this information on hand for when you might need to borrow a movie. Making a note in the program about how borrowed it will ensure that the movie gets back to the person who actually owns it.

Insurance Against Theft

While you would like to think that movies are safe in a college dorm, things aren’t always that reliable. With the movie organizer software, you can have an easy to print form of what you own in terms of movies, helping you file a campus police report, if theft ever happens to you. Even when movies mysteriously disappear, you should be keeping track of this in case insurance can cover your losses.

With movie organizer software, the laundry may not be done, but you will always know where your movies are. This is not only going to help you when a college relationship is strained, but it can also allow you to have access to new movies you might not

What shoes should a teacher wear?



Teachers are supposed to wear the most comfortable shoes that are available in the market. These shoes are usually having extra cushioning to the heel and foot curve areas that are aggravated by their body weight.

The insole plays a crucial role in the comfort and sometimes needs to be redesigned. This should address the shaping issue of the footbed and that is why the insoles usually have a foamy internal side that can follow the regular curves of the feet.

Not to mention, that shoes capable to give more comfort to the teachers are having the best outsoles. They should be extremely anti-skid and offer the best available balance. Finally, these shoes should always be comfortable for long hour use which is usually the time spent at school for modern teachers.




Another key aspect for the shoes would be their support to the underlying feet tissues. This is of monumental importance since weight from these tissues is going to demand more extensive support from your potential shoes.

As a result, the shoes should have more stable side parts to support the pressure coming from above. Not to mention, that the shoes are going to be judged from the forefoot area where the level of support becomes critical when we refer to the toe fingers. They should be able to move freely and give support to your skeleton base which is crucial for your overall balance and provide you the best heel grips.




There is also the need for your shoes to give you enhanced traction when you are using them as a teacher. This is based on the perception that classroom floors are a potential threat for your balance and well-being since they can be slippery due to student’s games and other social activities.

You need a pair of shoes that can increase the friction applied between the outsoles and the terrain. This situation will give you more confidence to walk or stand on slippery floors without having the fear that you will actually fall down. In other words, traction is going to give you also an acceleration boost that is needed in case you want to act fast while an emergency at school. The teaching profession is always in need of good traction offered by high-quality shoes.




Being breathable is the next important value that your shoes need to have when you are a teacher. Most of the times, you are forced to stay at school for prolonged hours. This creates a tough situation in your feet that are suppressed staying inside the shoes for longer time. They can develop less sweat and even have a thermal impact that can interfere with their well-being.

That is why, it is of primary importance to have breathable shoes. This means that the shoes need to have adequate holes on their external leather layer to leave the air flow passing through their mass. This air flow is going to be able to lower the temperature in the inner shoes area giving you a more pleasant application than ever before. Your feet will just love the extra breathability.




Style is another aspect that is usually neglected when we are dealing with shoes dedicated for teachers. Since school is not the place where fashion is about to be expressed, people don’t give such importance to the style of teacher’s shoes.

However, it has been shown that the appreciation and respect of students to the teacher is directly related to the stylish pair of shoes she is deciding to wear in class. A poorly dressed teacher cannot attract the attention of the students and is sometimes disregarded as an authority figure.

On the other hand, by wearing stylish and fashionable shoes, teacher is getting a lot of credits by their student. She can become the center of the attention in class, showing them that her profession really matters to her. The messages the teacher is passing to her colleagues through the stylish shoes she decided to wear in class are also important.

All the teaching community is thought to be judged by the way teachers are choosing their shoes to wear in class. Make sure you get the best so that you can increase the level of respect and approval.


Best Psychological Movies

I know when it comes to watching movies people have all sorts of flavors, it could be action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, horror and many other genres of movies. But the truth is that people are more likely to enjoy movies that will have them thinking about the movie even after it’s finished. These are the types of psychological movies that really mess with our minds while we are watching and leave us thinking about the clues and facts that occurred throughout the play of the movie.123 movies free

In this article I will share with you some of the tittles that I consider to be the best when it comes to psychological movies. Maybe you watched one or two; maybe you didn’t watch any of these. But either way keep in mind that these titles are classic movies that will have you grasping for air while the story develops into something great and extraordinary.

    • Shutter Island is full of mind blowing action! Packed with thrills that will have your head going at 100 miles per hour trying to figure out what is going on!


    • Minority Report; this movie certainly blew me away! Such an intelligent and smart picture that was directed by Steven Spielberg! I can say this is a masterpiece! True work of art.


    • Inception is also another great movie that will have even the smartest people trying to figure out facts during the movie.


    • A true classic I am sure all of you remember is The Sixth Sense. This movie takes you to a whole new direction even at the end. While we think we may understand the movie, we actually end up thinking totally the opposite understanding completely only in the end.


  • American Psycho goes to a whole new level. This movie brings back the old psychological movies to our time of today. This is a must watch!

The list of great titles is really long and I am sure that in any type of genre and classification you can find a great movie that can be considered for that great movie night for your friends and family. Some are recommended and some movies aren’t recommended at all to be seen by kids. The truth is that people love the thrill of having their minds taken to many differ

My 2018 Movie Awards

So, we have finally closed the book on 2010. Now, as we transition into the new year, this is when most people reflect back on the year before. In the movie world, this is also when critics and movie lovers take the time to review the past year. Not to mention, this is awards season. With the Critics’ Choice Awards in just a couple of weeks and the Oscars less than two months ago, suffice to say the red carpet is officially out.1234movies

Today, I’m going to throw myself into that very ring as we bring you Couch Potato Club’s 2010 Movie Awards. Up front, though, I would like to go ahead and say, I’m going to do this different than those big award shows. For one, you’ll see some of the typical categories, but likewise there will be some off-beat ones. Also, call me crazy, but I believe the biggest factor in judging a movie is its entertainment value. Granted all of the other little facets of making a movie help to make a movie better, however I believe entertainment succeeds a movie’s technical prowess in order to define whether it is good or not. So, you won’t be seeing me awarding these “artsy” movies just because of their “cinematic achievement” (whatever the hell that is). Instead, I’ll be judging on good ole entertainment value (with acting, story, etc. playing factors).

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the first annual Couch Potato Club Movie Awards.

Best Film: Inception

For me this came down to Inception and Black Swan. I’ve honestly spent days mulling it over in my head which would be my movie of the year. However, in the end, Inception wins out. Inceptionwas also perfect in a sense. With intelligent writing, good acting, fun action, great cinematography and so on and so on, the movie proved to be awesome style with great substance. Nolan proved once again here why he is one of (if not THE) most sought after filmmakers today. A narrative genius. After watching this movie, it made me realize what a god-send Nolan is to Hollywood really. Everybody in Hollywood should be taking notes. This is exactly how a blockbuster movie should be done. Let’s not kid ourselves, blockbuster action movies will continue to be the bread and butter of Hollywood for some time to come. While this is alright, the problem usually lies in that they’re so shallow and cliche and just “eh”. They usually just rely on cool action sequences and awesome looking special effects. Not Inception, though. This movie provides all that, but then actually brings substance to that style giving us an engaging and mind-bending/intelligent storyline to go with it. This perfect blend makes Inception my movie of the year.

Best Actor: James Franco – 127 Hours

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you want to test the merit of an actor? Throw him in a movie where he is pretty much the only one ever on-screen and he has to carry the entire movie himself. Where the whole weight of the entire movie rests most assuredly on his shoulders. Will he shine? Will he crumble? This is the test. Others have proven themselves in the same way (Will Smith, Tom Hanks). And truly I believe this (and the “retard role”) is one of the biggest ways to test an actor and see if he’s one of the greats. So, enter James Franco and 127 Hours. Playing a mountain climber that gets trapped under a boulder and is all alone, Franco is left to carry an entire film on his own. Does he succeed? Damn right he does. With flying colors at that. Keeping it interesting, conveying a range of emotions throughout the film and sucking you in all on his own, Franco clearly shows he had the mettle to tackle such a daunting task and come out on top. For that reason, he’s my actor of the year.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Natalie’s performance in the Aronofsky psychological thriller is absolutely brilliant. Her best work to-date in my opinion. Playing a role that requires her to eventually transition from sweet little naive princess girl to girl-gone-wild (in a dark side kinda way), she hits every beat without missing a step. I believe the biggest factor for a good actor/actress is range. Anybody can shine in a part that was just made for them (in line with their natural persona), but range and playing different personas/characters is where an actor/actress can show their true prowess. In Black Swanalone, Natalie Portman has shown, in just the 2 hours, that she has more range than most actresses around. She exhibited more range in one performance than most do in their entire career. For such a brilliant performance Natalie Portman gets my vote as actress of the year. I don’t think this is even up for debate.

Watching Movies For Free and Cheap!

Whether you have a passion for the Hollywood new release movies that are shown in theaters and eventually solarmovie free  make it to DVD or love watching independent films and movies, there are millions of people across the world that love watching their favorite actresses and actors star in a great film! The only other great thing about movies would be, though, is if you got to have them and watch them for free, right? Even though movies are plenty expensive when they are first released after being in theaters (most of them are anyway!), there are many ways to watch them for free, especially with the current technological age that we’re in!

Watch Newly Released Movies for Free and Cheap

First and foremost, if you’d like to watch movies for free that have just been sent to theaters then you’re going to have a bit of trouble doing so! One option would be to download them from an internet torrent, however, most people consider this to be illegal activity since the movie is copyrighted! One route to take if you’d like to see the movie for cheap, though, is to wait just a couple weeks and then watch the movie in a discounted or dollar theater that sells cheap movie tickets!

Free Movies from the Internet

A relatively new phenomenon that has caught on in today’s internet society is the ability of individuals to be able to watch movies for free right on their internet browsers! One great example that will allow you to watch your favorite classic movies online is the AOL Video section of their website. Internet users just need to search for the free movies they have and click play in order to watch their favorite movie! Of course, one can also do this sort of thing with Netflix, however, this is a service that usually needs to be paid for; the AOL Video service is completely free to anyone who has internet access!

Free Movies from Internet Freebie Sites

Another way to watch free movies and get cheap DVDs is to use internet freebie sites. These websites are sometimes also called incentive sites because there is usually a small requirement on the user’s part. Usually the requirement just amounts to a few dollars for signing up with a free trial of some sort, but once that requirement is met your free movie package will be immediately sent to you! Thousands of people have already gotten cheap DVD movies and free movies as well by signing up with these types of freebie sites and they are available to virtually anyone who has internet access!

So there are tons of ways to watch your favorite movies for free. If you don’t mind watching a computer monitor for the duration of your favorite movie then the AOL Video site or even Netflix online may be for you! On the other hand, if you’d like to have a free DVD or free movie in your hand then a freebie site would be well worth checking into to get new releases, classics, comedies, horrors, thrillers, and any other type of movie genre that you want to watch!

Maverick Approach to Movie Making

The term maverick is used to describe people that are viewed as unconventional and independent,free afdah movies and do not think or behave in the same way as other people. There are many aspiring indie filmmakers out there that take a maverick approach to making movies and end up failing. They waste their talent, time, and money trying to run before they can walk.

Being a maverick filmmaker is cool so long as you understand what it takes to succeed in the movie business. “Know the rules before you break them” is a good saying to remember. You can’t make a name for yourself in the movie business if you do not know how it works. If you’re the type of person that does not listen to sound advice or is a know-it-all, then there is no benefit in continuing reading. If you’re the type of person that is open-minded to new information then this will speak to you.

Some aspiring indie filmmakers are influenced by what they read and hear about famous filmmakers. So and so refused to compromise their creative vision and made the studio back down. That’s how they game is played in Hollywood, but not at the true independent film level. A independent filmmaker that lets their ego control their actions is doomed to fail. The cast and crew on a indie movie are not being paid enough, if they are being paid at all, to deal with a indie filmmaker that is too difficult to work with.

They will either walk off your project or turn in lackluster efforts that will be painfully obvious when you go to edit your movie. Post production never lies. Independent film budgets are tight with no wiggle room for extra shooting days. Many times the seed money to produce a indie movie comes from friends and family of the filmmaker. Not to compromise your creative vision when it’s absolutely necessary to finish the movie is insanity, not to mention selfish. If I personally invested money into a friend or relatives movie I would hope they would control their ego in order to finish the movie.

I’ve always felt making a movie does not give a person the creative license to waste other peoples money. Especially if that money comes from friends and family. I treat investors money as it were my own. Before you shoot your movie it’s a good idea to highlight scenes of your script that are crucial to your creative vision. This is only my opinion, but I have yet to see a movie where every scene is epic. I have yet to talk to another screenwriter that told me that every bit of dialogue and scene they wrote is amazing. Some dialogue and scenes are simply there to keep the story moving. I hang out with an honest bunch of indie filmmakers and we pretty much agree every movie has filler written into it.

It might hurt a unrealistic filmmaker to think that way, but brutal honesty is amazing for the growth of a healthy creative spirit. When you are going through your script highlight filler scenes that are not crucial to your creative vision. Those will be the first scenes to be cut down or removed all together when time and money begin to run out. At the indie movie making level time and money always run out. Be prepared to make changes to your movie and creative vision if push comes to shove. During production of my first feature Consignment I had to rewrite scenes on the spot or the movie would die. I do not feel I compromised my creative vision by making radical changes on the set. I was able to overcome obstacles to finish the movie. Isn’t finishing a movie what it’s all about?